Que veut dire le mot « vegan » ?

It refers to a product which contains no animal material and no animal products.

In the vegan fashion imagined by Cémélé there is neither leather nor fur. We also exclude all animal materials such as wool, silk, beeswax, glue from fish bones…

The word vegan is an English word. It is common practice not to francize it. For the sake of harmonisation we will therefore often use it as "vegan", although a nice French version exists "végane".

Pourquoi cet engagement ?

Today we cannot deny the environmental impact of livestock for meat consumption, responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions *. However, the leather industry is a direct result of this. It is necessary to reduce our impact on our planet so that future generations can flourish there.
And whatever the case, it is essential according to the designer to protect the living. Cémélé wishes to show that a humane industry is possible, that it is necessary today to avoid exploitation at all costs, and to offer a creative fashion with a real added value.
* Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations study, Tackling climate change through livestock (2013)

The designer Coline Burckel has been a passionate fashion shoe designer for many years. She quickly noticed the lack of vegan shoes, beautiful products that respect animals, man and the earth.

From there was born the idea of Cémélé, a vegan brand but without plastic, which is committed not to exploit any animal.

Cémélé has obtained the PETA label guaranteeing collections entirely VEGAN.

All our suppliers and manufacturers commit themselves today to respect our commitments to guarantee you models without any product of animal origin and without test carried out on animals.

A "vegan" quality

Cémélé vegan shoes are created in innovative materials that replace leather beautifully. For this we have taken into account the mechanical and chemical properties of leather because we recognize that it was until today the most qualitative material for a good shoe.


  • Respirabilité

    The breathability, which in the leather comes from the spaces between its many fibers and its ability to transmit moisture to the outside: we chose materials with a felted vegetable base, which thus reproduces a similar interlacing, porous coating, or materials based on canvas.

  • Antibactérien

    Hygiene and antibacterial properties, thanks to which no odor is developed in leather lining shoes: We have chosen a GOTS certified natural and organic textile that guarantees the quality and origin of the fibre but also its Dye.

  • Imperméabilité

    The impermeability, which comes from a oily treatment on leather: so we replicate this principle to make our natural materials hydrophobic. This ability is to be maintained as on a leather shoe, with a vegan wax or an ecological waterproofing recommended by us.

  • Confort

    Comfort in walking: Our soles are made of pure rubber milk, a lightweight material that encapsulates naturally micro-bubbles of air. These insoles absorb the shock of walking for unequalled comfort and flexibility. Like leather soles, our soles can wear out but also be repaired or changed. We accompany you throughout the resoling of your shoes.

  • Solidité

    Sustainability, which allows us to invest in a good pair of shoes and to keep it long: our innovative materials, especially soft wood have been tested and worn, worn by us. The materials are strong, resistant to flexing of the foot, abrasion, rain. The shoes can be maintained and repaired by a traditional shoemaker.

Today we reach a level of quality and comfort equal to a high-end shoe but vegan and made in natural materials.

Protéger les êtres vivants

Cémélé, vegan footwear and accessories, a qualitative and natural leather alternative.

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