Vegan cleaner with natural bamboo extract

The Bamboo Lotion dissolves dirt and brings precious hydration to faux-leathers and textiles. The natural bamboo extract cleans quickly without rinsing. It is suitable for smooth leather effects and suede effects as well as textiles even those with TEX temperature regulating membrane.

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Bamboo Lotion is solvent free and without propellant. A mechanical spray delivers the necessary quantity of products without polluting your air. This product comes from the Organic range. A range of new design products that very largely renounces chemical raw materials and uses more than 90% of natural ingredients.


Hold the bottle upright and spray at a distance of about 20cm. On smooth materials, spread with a soft cloth and let act. The dirt is dissolved by itself. Make it shine if necessary. On the suede and textile effects, spread with the aid of a textile brush to make penetrate. Allow to dry and, if necessary, straighten the hairs. -Made in Germany responsible manufacturing