Hévéa - caoutchouc naturel

The rubber tree is a tree from which sap is harvested and which dries into a natural rubber. Hevea milk can be produced and harvested in sustainably managed forests because the tree will provide this sap for several decades.

The rubber we all know is unfortunately not so pure. It is added silica, minerals or petrochemical derivatives. What we call rubber today like some notched soles, is actually harmful for man during its manufacture, and for the environment because it is not biodegradable. However, it can be recycled if the sole is separated from the shoe.

At Cémélé, we work with Lactae Hevea in France who uses a slow drying technique without additives, encapsulating the air bubbles in the material and giving it an extraordinary lightness and comfort. This almost artisanal process has earned them the Living Heritage Company label, and has enabled us to create high quality shoes.