There are quality alternatives to animal leather

At Cémélé we only choose natural materials for products that will not add plastic materials to our soils. A shoe is made up of a multitude of different elements that cannot be dissociated at the moment in a recycling chain. This is why it is important that all components are natural and biodegradable, especially the sole. The sole has been our great challenge because there are almost only oil-based alternatives on the market. Our partners, labelled a Living Heritage Company (french label EPV), use handmade techniques, slow drying, to work pure rubber milk, a natural rubber, without chemical additives.

Les matières

Always do better

Today we use 90% of natural materials, and we want to reach the 100% thanks to the innovations of our manufacturers, but also thanks to your ideas, your finds, your advice… Do not hesitate to share with us what you have found in your quest for new materials, beautiful things, and you can move us forward!

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Examples of improvements:

We now use metal zippers instead of plastic for our pouches, but the tape is polyester/polyamide, a synthetic fiber. We are actively looking for natural zippers!
To develop more "non-leather" goods we are looking for poissed linen thread, called Chinese linen thread, which is not brushed with horsehair (!!) and either without beeswax but with a vegetable wax.

Organic cotton, forests managed sustainably,…

These labels guarantee us a maximum effort in the management of the environmental and social impact of our raw materials. We must have our manufacturing certified so that we can guarantee them clearly on our products. We are not yet able to get them on absolutely all our "ingredients", but we are looking for them, and we will always question our supplies.

Thanks to you we have a much better chance of making a difference. It is by following us from the beginning that we will have enough weight with our manufacturers to raise awareness and to make them invest in new labels or new supplies.

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Goal: biodegradable footwear

Don't be afraid, they won't disappear in the rain! But the components of a shoe being intrinsically mixed, it is not recyclable. For us, the alternative is to be able to integrate it into a product life cycle, from donation to associations to composting (in special and controlled conditions). Today shoes are incinerated and pollute our air. We're going to work to reduce their ecological footprint.

First step: Give them to associations like Emmaus in France of Oxfam or in the clothing sorting terminals!

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