Knowing where a product comes from

It seems important to us today to be aware of the work and resources that a product requires. For this we strive to tell you the story of each style, and to talk to you about each country that participates.
Because we feel above all European, we choose to assemble the best of everyone and to choose manufacturers sensitive to the same commitments as us.


Each component of our styles comes from a European country.

Our sandals are French, English, Spanish and German
Our boots are French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and German
Our pouches are French, English and German
Our bandanas are Franco-English.

The detail down to the labels

Our labels are either wood or natural faux leather. The wooden labels are in European poplar and are carved and laser-etched in Germany in Dortmund. Natural faux-leather labels are made when making the shoe in Spain, thanks to an innovative material that combines recycled cellulose with natural rubber. This natural faux-leather also comes from Germany.

Where do our products come from?

In red: Materials
Green: Making

The shoe, a creative challenge

French Innovation

Coming from a fashion school, and having worked for large companies for 7 years, the designer Coline Burckel had the idea to use her technical knowledge and design to develop a shoe without leather but still natural. Months of research has allowed her to find each of the components of a shoe fulfilling these criteria. Then it was necessary to draw the designs that supported the technical constraints of these new materials. A first test with teachers and students from the Dauphiné technical high school made it possible to share ideas and make improvements.

Spanish know-how

For manufacturing we turned to Spain to find the traditional know-how of comfortable and durable shoes. Spanish leather shoes have always been known for their comfort, durability and quality. So we found the right partner, ready to commit to a responsible approach and to use materials he didn’t know, to teach each person working in his workshop the right gestures and adjustments to make for our designs.

Accessories, a French manufacture

Bandanas, bags, shopping bags, all are made in France for the quality of the know-how and the speed of restocking. A close contact person working in small quantities enables us to reduce our stock and react flexibly to your requests. Thanks to this we limit the unsold and the waste.

Our accessories are made with care, in small quantities, in an artisanal way.